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OLexport for Windows

OLexport for Windows

What is OLexport

The VBScript OLexport exports outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes into text files, that Apple software (iPod, iCal and Address book) can import. As standard formats (vCard and iCalendar) are used, this script may work for other applications as well.

It creates the following subdirectories in a directory of your choice:

For each category a separate file is created. So if you are interested in only some categories, you can ignore/delete the other ones.

OLexport ignores appointments and tasks, that are older than 3 months. By changing the "Const EXPORT_MONTH = 3" statement, this can be adapted to your needs.

Export to iPod

Be sure to "Enable disk use" for your iPod in iTunes preferences.

As OLexport uses the same directory structure as the iPod, you can just connect the iPod to your computer, start this macro, accept the iPod drive as the export directory, wait some few seconds and you're done.

BUT !!!

I recommend that you first export to a temporary directory and manually copy the resulting files to the iPod. After you are familiar with this program and you are confident that it works correctly, you may directly export to the iPod.

Export to iCal and Address book

Have a look into the script source, there is a detailed description.

Outlook Security Warning

Outlook generates a security warning, when OLexport accesses certain informations (e.g. e-mail addresses). This is normal and can't be easily turned off. For more informations read this.

Bugs / Limitations / TODOs


Download and extract the contents of the zip archive into any directory. Now double-click OLexport.vbs to start the script.

Version 0.9 and later use a new scheme for saving notes. To prevent double entries, users of pre-0.9 versions should manually delete the exported notes in iPod's "\Notes" directory before upgrading. The file "\Notes\.OL_Notes" should be deleted as well.


Version Date Released Notes
1.1 22.08.2006 Check for recurrence interval <= 0,
crashes iPod
1.0 25.02.2006 Contacts in UTF-16 format
Avoid illegal characters in filenames
0.9 16.02.2006 Detect iPod drive
Put location into notice field
Better notes export
0.8 05.11.2005 No need for extra help file
Delete old export files
0.7 12.06.2005 Converted from VBA to VBScript
0.6 03.06.2005 Making it more robust:
- Ignoring distribution lists
- Categories are now case insensitive
- Ignoring notes with empty subject
0.5 06.05.2005 Initial Version


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

The full GPL license text is avalable here.

The only exception is the part based on Jim Warrington's script. The GPL license doesn't apply to his part.


Without the load of information I found on the internet, this program would'nt be possible.

The most important: